VRAE Virtual Reality Art Experiences

Interdisciplinary Lab for VR & Lucid Dreams



We use VR to induce Lucid Dreaming

Based on thousands of years of knowledge from all over the world we experiment further and go beyond
Artists, lucid dream specialists, VR programmers, 3d animators, psycho acousticians, dream researchers & neurobiologists will create experiences to induce Lucid Dreaming until 2020

Most of the VR for the mass market, is design for gaming. It’s costly to design such content and the technologies evolve quickly and become rapidly obsolete. It attracts only a specific public and represents a small share of the potential market.

Our "product" is the lucid dream that the user gets after using VR. The VR is the door, the experience is the user’s lucid dream; the most personalized user content generated in the highest definition format. Dreams change every night, never obsolete and always entertaining, it mesmerizes you. You can’t believe how real it was!

The desire of controlling our dream is worldwide and reaches all genders, nationalities, ages and cultures. In a lucid dream state, the user can also face, reflect and overcome trauma, fear and stress as well as being entertained and understand him or her self better.




5000 square meters  to experiment

We have acquired a farm and a distillery very near to Berlin, with 5.000 sqm2 inner space and 8.000 sqm2 land. Since 2016 we have built a local and international network of 70 members from diverse disciplines. Our members will be the advisory and active board of the VRAE lab, the testers and the disseminators. The members with the highest product development and VR experience will to be part of the core team of the lab. We will need to hire specialists too, such as a psychologists, scientists as neurobiologists, psycho acousticians, programmer 3d animators for the research & development, team members for the prototyping, the testing, the product design and for the marketing strategy. Since we have a lawyer member specialized in finance strategies and structures, we will hire a financial manager and administrators under his supervision.





Li Alin - Founder & Director

Li Alin is a coordination manager, producer and artist in the field of art and new media. She worked with, among others: Société of Art and Technologies (Montréal), Recombinant Media Labs, (San Francisco), Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques (Mons), European Media Arts Festival (Osnabrück), Canon Art Lab (Tokyo), Musée Ludwig (Cologne), Inter Society for Electronic Arts (Paris), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montréal), ZKM, Center for Arts and New Medias (Karlsruhe), and the Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris).

Her latest project, Enter Me Tonight (EMT) is a Virtual Reality Installation. It has been presented at the Haus der Elektronischen Künste, in Basel and at REpublica in Berlin last May 2017. Her new VR installation will be presented next June at the Digital Biennial in Montreal.

Since 1995, her interdisciplinary production deals with energy transfers and their singular qualities. From one medium to another, through reality and virtual, what is gained, what is lost, which is the copy or the original? How are the particular states of matter and incarnations perceived?




Michael Saup - VRAE member

Michael Saup is an artist, musician and filmmaker. He has acted as professor of digital media art at HfG/ZKM University in Germany and as the founding director of the Oasis Archive of the European Union. He is the co-founder of the Open Home Project, a humanitarian initiative to help people being affected by the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan. Amongst others, his work has been awarded by the Ars Electronica and the UNESCO Commission.
Michael Saup’s work focuses on the underlying forces of nature and society; an ongoing research into what he calls the “Archaeology of Future”.

During the 1990s he developed a reputation as one of the most innovative protagonists of digital art. His work, often in cooperation with other artists, has been shown widely in exhibitions, festivals and on stages around the world. He currently lives and works in Berlin.




Ulf Langheinrich - VRAE member

Ulf Langheinrich is a visual artist and composer. His work is mainly concerned with non-narrative environments and performances focusing on a specific approach to time, space and body.

In 1991, he and Kurt Hentschlaeger founded the Media-Art duet GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS and have realized for more than a decade a number of international large scale projects including MODELL5, NOISEGATE and POL. They exhibited and performed at the Museum for applied Arts ICA London, Hull Time based Art, MAK Vienna, Museums of Contemporary Arts of Lyons, Montreal and Seoul, The Stedelijk Museum, Kunstverein Hanover, ISEA Montreal and Liverpool, ICC Tokyo, Creative Time New York and the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2001. GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS received an Austrian state stipendium, a PS1 stipendium and the first prize of the International Biennial in Nagoya.

He also has been appointed to teach in the most prestigious schools in Europe (HGB University for Graphics and Book Design, Leipzig, FH Salzburg and Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains in Tourcoing), as well as in Australia (RMIT in Melbourne) and China (Hong Kong City University School of Creative Media and China University of Art in Hangzhou). In 2016 he was appointed Artistic Director of the festival CynetArt, based in Dresden.




Nadine Bors - VRAE member

She is a museologist, advisor, curator and producer in the field of media, art and innovation. She started working in the field of conservation and preservation of Dutch Video / Media Art in collaboration with the 10 national art museums in the Netherlands, which grew out to an international preservation project. For ten years she was the director of Media Art Festival Friesland in the North of the Netherlands. The festival focused on young dutch talents and international renamed artists and showed yearly about 200 artists in diverse, experimental and innovative programmes and events. In 2008 she was honoured as the best cultural entrepreneur of Friesland.

She worked with, amongst others: Mondriaan Foundation (Amsterdam), Dutch Media Art Institute / Montevideo - now called LIMA, international platform for sustainable access to media art (Amsterdam), all Art Academies and Master of Art Institutes in the Netherlands, Impakt Festival (Utrecht), European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück), CTM (Berlin), Splitski Filmski Festival (Kroatia), in Dresden for Semper Opera, Silicon Saxony - Cool Silicon Art Award, Academy of Fine Arts, the OSTRALE - Centre of Contemporary Art, CYNETART – international festival for computer-based art, HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, dresdner schmalfilmtage - filmfestival.

She is the founder of the agency Art Van Bors which sees it self as partner and developer of art, artists and investors.



Naut Humon - VRAE member

Naut Humon is a San Francisco-based composer, curator, performer, and leader in experimental electronic music and audiovisual projects such as Rhythm & Noise, Sound Traffic Control. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Recombinant Media Labs and its internationally touring project RML CineChamber.

Naut Humon is a pionneer in immersive experiences.He eventually moved to San Francisco in the early 70's to stage underground performances that operated outside of the traditional theater.Naut Humon is a founding member of the experimental music ensemble Rhythm & Noise, who released two albums on Ralph Records.Humon has also worked with avant-garde vocalist and composer Diamanda Galás, providing samples for her album You Must Be Certain of the Devil, as well as percussionist Z'EV. He has served on the Digital Musics jury of the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria every year and is the founder of Recombinant Media Labs and was head of A&R for Asphodel Records, both based in San Francisco.He is featured in the 2001 documentary film Scratch. In 2012 he was the artistic director behind the CineChamber an art installation put on at MUTEK.




Stanislav Glazov - VRAE member

Musician, visual artist (Berlin, Germany) and CEO of Licht.Pfad Studio. Stanislav Glazov works with 3D graphics since 1996. For 6 years he was employed in German film industry as VFX, Character TD and R&D. He studied applied art in Abramtsevo art school. After 6 years of working with black smithery he started to work with computer graphics. During the next 6 years he developed experience in visual effects for the film production, working in russian, german and french film projects (Pilot, Trixter, Scanline CA).Then he turns in direction of videomapping. Behind the artist’s shoulders the projects for clients such as Bayer, MSD, SILA SVETA, onformative, WHITEvoid, Periskop Art Group.

In 2013 he moved to Berlin and founded his own Licht.Pfad Studio, specialized in generative design solutions, interactive installations and light shows, video mapping, sound design/production, motion graphics and software development.During this 2 years studio done around 60 project mostly for museums, art installation and stage performances for different clubs and venues (Central House of Arts, Arma17, Monasterio and Space (Moscow), Street Art Museum (Saint Petersburg), Bassiani and 4GB festival (Tbilisi, Georgia)) as soon as a special projects Antarktic Takt, Dark Hearts of Space and Sleepstep, created in collaboration with Dasha Rush.They were presented internationally at Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Resonance Festival in Tokyo, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Telefonica in Lima (Peru), Unsound Festival in Krakow, at Lowry Theatre in Manchester, Barbican London, Ars Electronica Linz.



Ulrike Gabriel - VRAE member

Ulrike Gabriel is artist and researcher and investigates the human perception and construction of realities with a focus on generative systems. She developed pioneering immersive VR environments with an early approach into generative and algorithmic aesthetics, artificial life and neuronal networks. Her biofeedback systems use aspects of the human body such as breathing, brainwaves or the eye position as an interface. Her formats range from painting, VR- and robotic installations, performative live formats, collective online spaces, community projects to lyric machines. She realized projects e.g. at German Aerospace, Canon Artlab and ICC Museum Tokyo and was professor for Electronic Media at the University of Art and Design HfG Offenbach where she developed a teaching of time- and process-based formats in the fine arts.

She is exhibiting, lecturing and performing internationally e.g. Ars Electronica Linz, Filmfestival Rotterdam, TAE La Plata Argentina, Tabakkalera San Sebastian, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Henie-Onstad-Museum Oslo, Swiss Biennial Luzern, Architekturzentrum Wien, TISEA Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art Gdansk.




Egbert Mittelstädt - VRAE member

Egbert Mittelstadt's videos, photographs, and installations investigate the principle of time as mangled by both subtle and extreme digital distortions. His image processing propels and warps movement through a series of slowly sliding, continuous beacons of elusive patterns and shifting structures . Acclaimed for his "Slit-Scan" meditations, he stretches the constants of space: by pulling motion out of shape while still remaining recognisable and time crawls forward in almost a pendulous, shimmering displacement.




Tina Sauerländer - VRAE member

Tina Sauerlaender is an art historian, curator and writer. She focuses primarily on the impact of the digital and the Internet on individual environments and society. She worked for Haus der Kunst Munich and Munich RE Art Collection.

Since 2010, she has been organizing and curating international group exhibitions in various institutions with her exhibition hub peer to space, e.g. Reset III and VIRTUAL REALITY (Cologne, 2017), The Unframed World. Virtual Reality as Artistic Medium for the 21st Century (Basel, 2017), When The Cat’s Away, Abstraction (Berlin, 2016), PORN TO PIZZA—Domestic Clichés (Berlin, 2015).

She is the author of many comprehensive texts on contemporary artists, e.g. Taryn Simon, Alicja Kwade, Gregor Hildebrandt, Carsten Nicolai or Anselm Reyle for Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst. She contributes to the New York based blog ArteFuse about contemporary art exhibitions in Berlin. She is co-founder of Radiance, an international online platform and research database for artistic VR experiences. She is the founder of the SALOON, a network for women working in the art field in Berlin, Paris and Vienna. She is board member of the medienkunstverein (media arts society) in Berlin.




Marcus Sendlinger - VRAE member

Marcus Sendlinger is known as a painter, musician and curator of wandering exhibitions such as "Wheeling" or "Alptraum". His art works are in private and public collections and were shown e.g. at the Columbus Art Foundation Kunsthalle Ravensburg, TAM Museum Torrance USA, CCA Andratx Collection Mallorca, Spain, Mannheimer Kunstverein, Germany, NKV Wiesbadener Kunstverein, Germany, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia and many more. With his band The B-Men he was invited to perform for example at the Folkwang Museum, Essen, The dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel, blank projects Cape Town and many more. Since 2012 he is a board member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V., headquarter Berlin and till 2014 he was a board member of the igbk, Berlin. Since 2015 he colloborates with the Canadian performance artist Li Alin in Painting, Sculpture and performances.